Thursday, 5 March 2015

Outrage As Burnley Council Tender School Cleaning Contract on Burnley Buy and Sell

Local rate payers and school cleaning workers were left gob-smacked this morning after learning Burnley Council had outsourced cleaning contracts leaving dozens of local cleaners out of work. What's worse it that it was revealed that BC had outsourced the work via the popular local Facebook group "Burnley Buy and Sell"

Local cleaner Sarah Parker told us "I showed up to work Wednesday morning just like any other, when I was told to hand over my cleaning gear as some woman called 'Debrah' had arrived after offering to do it for £2 an hour."

"In the end, the school had to be shut down as all the cleaners they'd found through the facebook group were complete scrotes".

When asked for comment Burnley Council told us "In this harsh economic climate we are always on the look out for new ways to save money, however in this case we have reviewed procedure and will no longer be advertising on 'Burnley Buy and Sell' but will be using the group 'New Burnley Buy and Sell' as advised."

Burnley Walkabout Building Bought by Nandos

Burnley revelers were dismayed when it was announced last month that Walkabout Burnley would be closing after being among the towns most loved bars for close to ten years.  However this cloud has a silver lining as it has been announced that Nandos, the popular South American eatery, have bought the premises and will be opening a restaurant there by the end of 2015.

Speaking to Breaking Burnley News Nando's head of UK operations Mike Wollas said "Burnley has always been well known for its wide range of restaurants and eating spots and we're sure Nandos will make a great addition to that."

There has been long standing popular demand for Nandos to open in Burnley with several hoax campaigns in the past announcing Nandos are finally opening in the town. Most recently a hoax was cruelly spoiled when Nandos announced they were opening a store in Blackburn not Burnley, although recognising that there was popular demand in Burnley.

It does seem that finally Burnley diners and fans of the chain have had their dreams come true, no doubt the new 750 seat restaurant will prove a big hit.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Burnley Manchester Train Link to be Completed by 2050 say Council Chiefs

Burnley's much anticipated and delayed train link with the city of Manchester is finally approaching completion with council chiefs declaring they expect the line to be fully operational "by the year 2050".

Leader of Lancashire County Council, Jenny Mein told Breaking Burnley News that "Burnley is an enterprising town and the people have been waiting a long time, now we can proudly announce the wait is over and the first trains will be running any day now in the year 2050".

Local regular commuter John Water who worked on building Burnley's first ever train link back in 1997 said "It's about time, people are getting fed up of commuting to local cities by canal."
Burnley Train Station at Rush Hour
Although the introduction of the railway network to Burnley is relatively new, it has proven popular with many commuters enjoying trips as far away as Accrington.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Gordon Birtwistle promoted to Ministry of Sound in surprise cabinet reshuffle

In a surprise last minute cabinet reshuffle before the upcoming general election, rt Hon Gordon Birtwistle Member of Parliament for Burnley has been chosen to head the Ministry of Sound.

Birtwistle, well known for his outspoken support for local manufacturing and 'deep house music with a heavy base', said that he intended to use his to position "to promote Burnley to the best of his ability" ensuring that's Burnley's history of "world class manufacturing" and "banging beats" did not become a thing of the past.