Thursday, 5 March 2015

Burnley Walkabout Building Bought by Nandos

Burnley revelers were dismayed when it was announced last month that Walkabout Burnley would be closing after being among the towns most loved bars for close to ten years.  However this cloud has a silver lining as it has been announced that Nandos, the popular South American eatery, have bought the premises and will be opening a restaurant there by the end of 2015.

Speaking to Breaking Burnley News Nando's head of UK operations Mike Wollas said "Burnley has always been well known for its wide range of restaurants and eating spots and we're sure Nandos will make a great addition to that."

There has been long standing popular demand for Nandos to open in Burnley with several hoax campaigns in the past announcing Nandos are finally opening in the town. Most recently a hoax was cruelly spoiled when Nandos announced they were opening a store in Blackburn not Burnley, although recognising that there was popular demand in Burnley.

It does seem that finally Burnley diners and fans of the chain have had their dreams come true, no doubt the new 750 seat restaurant will prove a big hit.


  1. Bollocks. Like some random little shitty blogspot would be reporting this before the Express or the telegraph.

    1. why wouldnt it .. its local news not national news

    2. Why wouldn't it? You're seriously asking that? Have you seen the other posts on here? Is Gordon Birtwistle actually joining The Ministry of Sound? Is the Manchester rail link really taking until 2050 to complete? People will fall for anything it seems.

  2. Burnley express, Lancashire telegraph? Not national.... ;)

  3. 750 seat restaurant? Yeah right then.